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Sell Your Home in One Weekend, with Multiple Offers, for 5-15% More!


Want to sell your home without the normal hassles and stress associated with a traditional home sale? My proven method for selling your home in one weekend typically results in multiple offers with no additional days of showings. This is a fast and convenient way to sell your home for 5-15% more than the traditional method. In our current low inventory market, this is the modern and most profitable way to sell your home!



  •      We advertise your home for 10-14 days on a national and international basis
  •          No showings take place until the Saturday and Sunday showing days
  •          Potential buyers funnel into your home in a 2-hour showing window
  •         Inform buyers of the offer deadline date (a few days after the showings)
  •         Auction-style format response (this will bid up the price of your home)


This unique and very effective method of selling your home allows potential buyers to see and hear the interest from other buyers. This creates a sense of urgency with the buyers and also validates the property’s worth. I have used this method with great success for the past few years, and I’m confident that it will produce exceptional results with your home sale as well! 

Contact me at 858.754.7155 for more information on selling your home.